Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just read how scientists say a Cosmic 'Jerk' changed the cosmos from a contracting to an expanding universe about 5 billion years ago, or about the time of the formation of our solar system. It can't be just a coincidence. Makes you think the creationists - excuse me - the 'intelligent design' folks may turn out to be right after all. All you have to do is accept that one man's god is another man's jerk, and we have ample proof of that in our choice of leaders.

I personally feel much better knowing the universe will keep on expanding outward, kind of like the stock market forever posting record profits, rather than the Big Crunch idea that it would reach a maximum and then fall back in on itself, which if you take the stock market model again would mean that the profits gained from automation and lower wages in globalization would someday, what with manufacturing being so efficient that there's nobody getting paid enough to buy the stuff, reach a limit and reverse until the whole system collapsed into apocalypse and it'd be the bugs turn to get intelligence and build a civilization.