Sunday, August 28, 2011


I know, I know. You missed me. I been right here, but there was a glitch with my personal software and I couldn't post nothing for a while. So I took a trip.

I visited my niece in Washington, DC, which you'd think would be so different from Lost Angeles that a girl might not want to go. I mean, here is just about perfect, so why leave the best of all possible cities for a place full of politicians and government contractors? Just look at Iraq if you want to know what they can do to a neighborhood.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn't hardly tell the difference between being here and being there. I mean, you get on an airplane and when you get off, everything is exactly like it was when you got on. The Starbucks is right across from the McDonalds. The highway is called the 95 instead of the 5, but that only means the ocean is on the opposite side from where it oughta be which you can't tell because it is too far away to actually see. They have a Westfield mall just like here with the same stores and movies. It's comforting to know a girl can travel without having to try anything new.

This is what makes America great - the safeness of sameness. Nothing bad is ever going to happen to you at the mall. You can have anything you want, and there are lots of people there to help you get it. And anybody who acts unpleasant is asked to leave.