Friday, March 12, 2004


All the hoo-hah this week over President George using footage from September 11 in his campaign videos, you'd think he was doing something wrong like taking advantage of somebody else's tragedy for his own purposes. But he's the head of state, and a king from another great dynasty said it best (if you'll forgive me for quoting the French in the President's behalf) - "L'etat c'est moi" meaning "I am the country." The same thing applies today to our beloved President George. He is America, and 9/11 happened to America, so 9/11 is his tragedy to use as he likes. See?

And, likewise,enough with the wondering about how he could use 9/11 to attack Iraq when there was no connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam. You is looking for a causal connection, silly. Cause means logic, but this world runs on emotion. Naturally, he took the emotion, namely fear, from 9/11 and used it to heal another emotional scar of his own, namely his daddy complex. Daddy couldn't finish off Saddam any more than Laius could end the plague on his country, so the son has to take pop's place, set the wheels in motion and close his eyes to the consequences. And like the son of Laius, the son of George I would rather put out his eyes than see his own responsiblity for his actions.

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