Monday, January 16, 2012

The Corporate Cyborg

People is all confused about whether corporations are people. They have the rights of people but they do not have the body parts, which is why I prefer to call them cyborgs - a person with parts that are both human (your workers) and artificial or mechanical (all the rest including and especially the part where the heart has been removed as a vestigial organ like the appendix). It wouldn't be so bad, but the cyborg corps whose only ethics is money also control all the money. This is why I am firmly on the side of whoever is trying to take your money from corporate hands and put it into human hands. A girl's gotta live. And even I cannot seduce a cyborg if it has no sexual equipment. A cyborg is never gonna give a girl a diamond ring just for going out to dinner and dancing a few times. No. We need to get the cyborgs out of politics, otherwise life will become bleak and sad, like those science fiction stories where the machines made by people revolt against their creators and reduce human life to misery. Oh wait. That already happened for most people. And the poor saps, they is judging themselves by the standards of corporate life instead of messy-but-wonderful human life, and so they is unable to even see how they has been had. As an antidote, here is a link to the latest Stephen Colbert Super Pac video to cheer you up and give you some perspective. Then go get your nails done. Male or female, a manicure reminds you how good it is to be human.

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