Monday, February 16, 2009


Your fashion is your life, your religion, your society. Life is just the acquisition of fashion, which proof is that we are born naked and go out decked in our best dress and favorite jewels not to mention a hefty supply of make-up. Right there at the very beginning, before they even feed a baby, they put clothes on her. By the end, clothes has become so important to who a person is that after the spirit departs, we sure don't send it back to nature au naturel.

All of life's deep issues can be understood more clearly if you first understand the resulting fashion crisis. Resolving the fashion crisis does not put money in the bank, or kick the cheating bastard out of the house. Think of a fashion fix as what I like to call a "deep issue massage." It helps you work through the kinks in your psyche so that you can move more freely into a new job or new relationship.

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