Friday, July 09, 2004


The righteous John Ashcroft, the son and grandson of preachers and a devout Assembly of God follower himself, had to testify before Congress today about that pesky torture memo.

Not one of those Senators apologized for doubting that he could separate his religious beliefs from his official duties. Yet if that memo isn't proof that he can, I don't know what is. There he was, as Christian as they make them in his church, a man Jesus probably talks to personally, who when his President asks him to figure out how much torture the US can get away with and still be legal, he does not cite chapter and verse about turning the other cheek. He does not tell the President or the American people to look for the plank in their own eyes. No. He puts aside his Savior's bleeding heart and has his staff figure out justifications for physical and psychological torture.

This is a man who knows how to separate his beliefs from his job. When you have a guy like that on the job, you don't need a Constitution.

P.S. Just to show I ain't biased, I will say I disagree with him on covering the boobs of Justice in his Department of Justice. Clothes is not really to cover nakedness. And clothes is not even really to keep us warm except in winter. Clothes is there to make nakedness more interesting in the Department of Hanky-Panky. The boobs of Justice should not be something tyou think about stripping and kissing. Not to mention, a playful bite on the nipple when they're made out of marble might break a tooth.

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