Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Modern America means never having to say you're hungry. Most people gain weight during this here holiday season. And most of them are overweight already. And here we are, getting ready to head in on Thursday for an officially sanctioned day of gluttony.

Now, I think the Pilgrim's feast was just swell. At the November harvest, nobody could predict if the food would last to spring, and how many would still be alive after a winter of no central heating, electric blankets or flu shots got through with their little communtiy. Starvation was possible, and so one day a year given over to stuffing your face till you couldn't eat another bite was a luxury.

Not so in the world of Costco. Folks eat their fill to bursting 365 days a year. Given the history of the human race, that is something to be truly thankful for. But not by stuffing your face yet again. No, a day of being hungry, even by choice, is a perfect way to appreciate the plentiful 364. Not to mention a slimming rather than a fattening way to start off the holiday party season.


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